Oriental Rug Cleaning

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For some folks area rugs are purchased at big box stores and flea markets. But not you. These are valuable pieces of art that are cherished, collected and passed down to your kids.  We appreciate, and know the difference between a hand-knotted Kerman and a tufted copy from India. And just in case you don't, doesn't it feel good to know that your Zerorez® technician will?

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There are many methods to choose from when restoring woven art. Many times we can surface clean rugs without removing them from your home.

For more extensive damage like dye migration concerns or pet accidents, we offer a restorative bathing process performed at our facility. It's like a spa day... for your rug! 

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All wool manufacturers require that a WoolSafe® Service Provider be used to clean in order to maintain your warranty. Delicate fibers require trained experts. This is because wool can break down and be permanently damaged if cleaned the wrong way. 

Zerorez® is the only WoolSafe® Service Provider in Tucson.

Our technician worked very hard to get the red wine stain out of my wool area rug, it looks great. I like the fact that the staff is very knowledgeable. The women answering the phones were also very patient, and very nice. It was very reassuring to actually have a live person answer the phone, and get back with me in a timely manner. I will recommend you to all of my friends and family who need area rug cleaning!
— Ceclia L