How Are Pet Accidents And Odors Treated? 

Does it cost extra? Is it required? 

Accidents happen. Thankfully, Zerorez® technician have extensive training in removing biological contamination from the carpet and below. We first locate spots using specialized UV lights that are tuned to 365nm. This is the perfect wave length for isolating fluorescents in body fluids, like urine. We'll next test clean the area using our Empowered Water®. Many times our regular clean will remove the contamination without additional processes and cost.

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In more severe cases, where urine has penetrated the carpet backing or has been sitting for extended periods of time, more aggressive treatments may be necessary. These are not part of the regular cleaning and are an additional cost. The tests performed prior to cleaning will tell us how severe the damage is and to what process is required to completely remove the contamination. 

Zerorez uses a proprietary cleaning product called Zerorez Odor & Urine Treatment. This, combined with our Empowered Water, removes the source of the discoloration and odors safely. Pets and children can be on the carpet immediately after cleaning without a concern of harsh or toxic chemicals, like other carpet cleaners. 

No one can guarantee that all stains or odors can be removed from your carpet. But know that Zerorez has an incredibly high success rate at removing embarrassing stains and odors when our recommendations are followed.