What Sets ZEROREZ® Apart From Other Cleaners?

Before Zerorez, the carpet cleaning industry ignored the fact that chemicals they were using to clean with left massive amounts of chemical residue behind. Carpets were left full of detergents that continued to attract dirt and in every case, become dirtier faster. The companies hired to clean our carpets were the problem; and what's worse, they knew this. 

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It was this frustration that caused Zerorez to begin our mission of Zero Residue. We said, if America can put a man on the moon, we sure as heck can figure out how to clean carpets without soaps, detergents and shampoos. And Zerorez did! We clean with Empowered Water instead of soaps. We're lab tested and have multiple university studies proving we leave zero soil attracting residue. Zerorez has been tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute and outperformed all other cleaners, earning the highest rating possible; Platinum Space Rated.

ZEROREZ is the only cleaner in nation that can claim Zero Residue.

All thanks to our patented Empowered Water™.